If you’re a business owner, it’s only natural to want to make your business fresh, giving your brand that extra edge. This specifically rings true if you own and run an entertainment establishment.

With the winter months getting the better of us and recent weather forecasts warning us of more wintry temperatures, there’s no better time than now to invest in proper heating systems. Luckily, Solution L could can provide you with a silent device to generate many opportunities to increase patronage, revenue and ambience. So let’s explore how this can be done

#1 Increase revenue

Any business’s sole aim is to bridge the gap between attracting new patrons and retaining regular, loyal customers.  This usually includes trying new strategies, having to market them and measure their success.  But this requires a considerable deal of time for proper research and monitoring results.

Then there’s the issue of hiring the right staff to execute the tasks at hand well. This process is somewhat of a calculated risk as it involves quite a bit of guesswork, whilst juggling the promotion of your business and marketing its strengths. This is why installing the proper and effective type of heating is a smart and quantifiable solution, as it increases your chances of attracting customers during the winter season. Let’s face it, warmth and ambience are things people crave in the colder months and will usually head on to a venue they know will be warm.

#2 Complement renovations

If you’re in the process of starting a renovation project in your business and you have an outdoor area, now is the time to consult Solution L.  We can customise and design a heating solution to maximise your space and minimise your cost. Our heating solutions are not only cost effective and efficient, they also come in a range of modern styles that will be sure to complement your establishment’s fresh new look. We offer customised heating solutions that will surely This is not an opportunity you want to miss, so make it a priority in the renovation budget.

#3 Give people a reason to come to you

When people are enduring winter’s blistering cold, they need a really good reason to come to you, so give them one.  You can do so by maximising all the space in your venue. Remember, empty spaces are lost opportunities, so making use of every possible nook and cranny, provided it’s done tastefully, is the way to go. 

If you have an open-air café or restaurant, make sure people can use it in Winter. If you have a cold, brick establishment, you need to make it warm enough to give the space a welcoming feel. What’s more, if you successfully create a solid client base in Winter, your place may even become their local hangout spot in Summer!

You might still be wondering: why should people come to your venue?  Some places are known for their food, others for their entertainment, and some simply because they’re currently trending.  The introduction of infrared heating is something you can quantify and measure.  You can precisely see an increase in patronage pre and post installing indoor as well as outdoor heating.

If you’d like to find out more about modern heating technologies offered at Solution L, contact us today!