What are infrared heaters?
Infrared heaters work basicly in the same way as our sun. They radiate unseen light ranges known as infrared waves that provide instant warmth to any individual or item it comes into contact with. Infrared heaters are confirmed to be more efficient in terms of expenses and energy reduction than other heating systems.

advantages of infrared heaters:

infrared heaters are cheap to run and very energy efficent
infrared heaters are easy to install in any room
Panels can be fitted high on the wall or on the ceiling
Panels look good and are available in different designs like pictures and mirrows
Radiant warmth feels comfortable and gentle
Panels do not create air currents, dust or harbour germs so infrared heaters are perfect for people with allergies

Infrared Heaters are Safe

Infrared heaters  among the safest heaters on the market due to their  method of heating. Infrared  waves travel from the heater dirctly to objects and people. The same principle applies to the way the sun heats surfaces. When you are standing on a winter day in full sunlight, you feel hotter warm and confortable even the outside temperature is quite cold. That is because the infrared light from the sun is being absorbed into your clothing and body. You feel more warmth. Infrared heaters do not burn anything to produce heat.

Infrared Heaters  Save Money on Energy Costs

Infrared heaters heat a room or an outside space instantly. The amount of energy needed to run an infrared heater is  less than with traditional heating methods.

Health Advantages of Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters emit no smoke, smell or other side-emissions.

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