Product Description

The ultimate solution for outdoor heating 
in restaurants and hotels
The powerful infrared heat radiator is equipped with a 
top-grade infrared gold tube that 
reliably delivers maximal warmth even in 
dampness or snow in exterior areas. 
Due to its open construction (without glass cover),
the TERM 2000 IP67 reaches a very high service life of
up to 5,000 hours. 
The elegant and space-saving housing design of the 
innovative heat radiator is suitable for mounting 
against the wall or ceiling, or, on a tripod, 
also excellent for integration in a tent or screen systems. 
You can order the TERM 2000 IP67 
in standard lengths or short version (SHORT)
as a single, double or triple radiator (MULTI)
with and without reduced red light percentage (ULTRA LOW GLARE)
in the standard version, polished aluminium, or with colourful 
housings (COLOR)